Andrew English

Posted on 17th January 2024
by Andrew English

Presentation design for digital signage

When guests step into your reception area or boardroom, captivating visuals and dynamic content on information screens immediately grabs their attention. Eye-catching digital signage creates a positive and lasting first impression. However, many organisations underutilise their information screens, either leaving them turned off gathering dust, or displaying outdated information. If you’ve invested in the screen hardware, you now need a presentation that commands the attention of your audience. You don’t want to be the designer, but you do know the messages that you want to share, and the information that you want to leave viewers to act on.

This is where oodle is adding value to our clients. We specialise in crafting digital presentations and signage for display on a wide range of screens. These are suitable for reception areas, boardrooms and food establishments, to name but a few. Our presentations are visually engaging and dynamic, and include elements like animations, videos and moving text. It’s easy to periodically add or re-order these elements, to reflect changing priorities or seasonal trends.

Our most recent digital signage project was for information screens located in the reception areas of a firm of solicitors. Clients waiting in these areas see information that conveys the breadth of services offered by the business, whilst other elements reaffirm the credibility and reputation of the firm. Here’s are a few snippets of that digital presentation:


For reception areas in particular, information on digital signage is a great foundation to the discussions that follow. The duration of the presentation is based on the average length of time that a client spends in the area, so as not to be repetitive. We often personalise presentations for different offices, to share information specific to each location.


Digital signage and presentations can potentially include a wealth of information, so we rely on a well-structured process to focus each project. If we have the pleasure of creating a digital presentation for your organisation, we’ll start by immersing ourselves in your brand collateral, to understand its visual cues, style and tone of voice. It is important that we understand your marketing objectives, content and audience.

Presentations on digital signage need to be a reassuring brand fit; feeling familiar, personal and an extension of the communications the viewer has face to face.


With the content agreed, we storyboard the presentation. This is a visual representation of each scene, illustrating the action, assets, content, and visual style. The storyboard will be shared with you for review and approval before production begins. We will also determine the optimal aspect ratio for your presentation (e.g. 16:9) and identify the format that best aligns with your hardware (e.g. mp4). With everything complete we would gather your feedback to ensure it meets your objectives. Final edits are then made to the presentation based on the feedback received.

Information screens are a great way to promote your organisation, from welcoming visitors and sharing useful information, through to reinforcing your brand identity. Our agency oodle has the creativity and technical knowhow to ensure a straightforward and effective implementation process. Let’s elevate your space with captivating visuals so you stay ahead in the competitive business landscape!

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