Andrew English

Posted on 3rd October 2023
by Andrew English

The art of silent animations

It is estimated that up to 70% of people scroll through social media with the sound turned off. If you want to make an impact in this silent world, the way we convey our messaging needs to adapt. It’s time to explore the benefits of typographic animations. This approach combines images and words, to deliver memorable content that grabs attention. This article outlines why animations that combine images and words should be your next go-to for crafting engaging content.

1. Grabs attention in the silence

Typographic animations amplify your message in the quiet world of social media. Your content has strong impact and is impossible to scroll past without taking a second look.

2. Easy to understand

Typographic animations are easy for viewers to engage with. Unlike subtitles added to traditional animations that demand simultaneous reading and visual processing, typographic animations seamlessly combine text and visuals. This keeps the viewer’s experience smooth, and the information easy to understand.

3. Promotes engagement

Typographic animations encourage viewers to remain engaged for longer. This translates to higher engagement rates, resulting in increased shares, likes, comments, which extends the reach of your content.

4. Leaves a lasting impression

In graphic design, combining visuals and text creates memorable, emotionally resonant content. The magic intensifies when motion graphics enter the mix. Motion adds depth, transforming static content into dynamic narratives. It guides focus, emphasises key points, and enhances comprehension, crafting an emotional experience.

5. Consistent branding

Integrating typography into your animations ensures brand consistency. You can use your brand’s fonts, colours, and design elements, to reinforce brand recognition across all your content. This consistency strengthens trust and loyalty among your audience.

6. Optimised for mobile

Typographic animations are ideal for mobile users, where the bulk of social media consumption occurs. Since there’s no need for users to juggle subtitles and audio, they can easily engage with your content on their smartphones.

7. A balanced approach to sound

Whilst we advocate effective, silent animations we’re not against the use of sound. Far from it. Adding a soundtrack or voiceover can inject emotion and impact into your content, but it’s important to strike a balance on social media. Ensure that your video is not overly reliant on sound to convey its core message. That way you can maximize engagement and reach your audience regardless of whether the sound is on or off.

Case study – The Good Business Charter

The Good Business Charter asked oodle to create two explainer animations that would raise awareness of their organisation and the benefits of affiliation with it. Organisations of all sizes across the UK can boost recognition of their responsible business practices through accreditation to The Good Business Charter. The animations needed to capture the essence of the brand, whilst demonstrating the simplicity and accessibility of accreditation. A typographic animation emerged as the right solution for The Good Business Charter.


To accommodate viewers who are also listeners, we added a royalty free soundtrack, an added extra rather than an essential to these digital marketing assets.


In a world where silence is the norm, and the cognitive load of subtitles on image-heavy videos is a hindrance to viewer engagement, silent typographic animations emerge as a solution. By artfully blending images and words, you can break through the silence and ensure your message is heard loud and clear.

By the way, if you’d like a few ideas on embedding typography in video footage rather than animations, we’ve got some insights on that too, click here.

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