James Walker

Posted on 9th May 2023
by James Walker

oodle, the new name for everything creative at Systematic

Creativity is in our DNA at Systematic. We’ve been offering graphic design services for over 20 years and we’re proud of how our Studio has grown both in terms of people and skills. We now offer a wide range of services from animation and branding to email marketing and website design, and our designers Andrew, Sarah and Steve have many years of experience between them. They are also brimming with creative ideas and are keen to put their collective skills and expertise to the best possible use for the benefit of our clients, which is why we’ve decided to do something completely different and launch oodle – the new name for everything creative at Systematic!

Welcome to oodle

oodle is the new name of the Systematic Studio which will operate as a design agency in its own right. It will still be part of the Systematic family and if we have the pleasure of already enhancing the creativity of your organisation, you won’t notice any change in the level of service you receive – but all communications from the Studio will carry the exciting new oodle branding.

You may be wondering where ‘oodle’ came from and we are only too keen to share the story behind the new name with you! A brief was given to our designers to come up with a new identity which reflected Systematic’s heritage, whilst being creative, playful and adventurous, and we think they smashed it!

The name ‘oodle’ has positive connotations, linking to ‘oodles’ which means lots of. It is also a warm, friendly and playful word, which characterises the team’s personality.

Creativity with oomph

The mission of oodle is ‘creativity with oomph’ and we want our work to have impact and this is reflected in our distinctive new logo and branding. However, our creative and ethical values remain aligned to Systematic’s six core values. So, while our existing clients can continue to enjoy the same high levels of service, customer care and innovation, our aim is to attract more high-calibre design-led projects which will really allow our team to stretch their creative wings and fly!

So whether you’ve never worked with us before, or you’re an existing client, get in touch and we’ll happily chat about how this news can create value for your organisation.

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