Andrew English

Posted on 15th June 2023
by Andrew English

Creating videos that stop the social scroll

Here’s a video marketing technique that’s big on impact but only requires a small investment of oodle time (or your resources) to produce. The tactic is kinetic typography combined with video. Don’t be intimidated by the grand title, we’ll explain!

Kinetic typography is essentially moving text, but the extra oomph comes from placing it within video footage. This can originate from ‘ready-made’ stock video or even your own footage. Let’s start with an example that the oodlers within our design agency have produced:


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses need to find new ways to engage with their customers. Here are seven reasons why this form of video marketing is a powerful way for you to deliver your message:

  1. Grab attention – In a world filled with endless content and information, capturing an audience’s attention is tough. Kinetic typography uses moving text to create appealing videos that catch the viewer’s eye to leave a lasting impression.
  2. Emotional connection – It’s crucial for you to establish an emotional connection with your target audience. Kinetic typography can help evoke specific emotions to convey your brand personality. By choosing a video with the right tone and style you can connect with your target audience on a deeper level.
  3. Information retention – Studies have shown that combining visuals with text increases information retention. Kinetic typography offers a unique blend of typography and motion graphics, making it easier for viewers to process and remember the key messages.
  4. Convey complex ideas with simplicity – Businesses often deal with complex concepts and technical information that may be hard to communicate effectively. Kinetic typography combined with video can simplify complex ideas by breaking them down into smaller pieces.
  5. Emphasise key messages – Use kinetic typography to emphasise key messages for clients. These could be key words or specific phrases, which draw attention to the most important aspects of the communication.
  6. Boost engagement and shareability – Engagement is key in any marketing strategy, and kinetic typography combined with video is great at this. Many people scroll through their social media feed on silent but with kinetic typography there’s less chance for the message to be missed, as it doesn’t rely on sound. The content is also visually stimulating and can increase engagement to extend the reach of your post and amplify your message.
  7. Stay ahead of the competition – To stand out, businesses need to use innovative ways to deliver their message. Kinetic typography combined with video gives businesses a competitive edge.

Case Study – World Environment Day

It was World Environment Day on the 5 June 2023, and the theme focussed on solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution. oodle wanted to go the extra mile to support this urgent cause and knew that kinetic typography was a great way of delivering a powerful and impactful message.

We wanted to focus on plastic waste found in the oceans. With access to high-quality royalty-free stock videos, we selected the perfect clip to support the message. We used the 3D Tracker tool in Adobe After Effects to track the movement and position of objects on the beach (shown below) to incorporate typography into the scene, enhancing the visual composition.

The final step was to add a dynamic, royalty-free audio track, to support the messaging. However, the true power of kinetic typography lies in its ability to deliver effective communication independently, without the need for audio.

If you’ve got a key message to share, we’re ready to apply our creativity to your brief

We’ve got the all-important ideas, software, expertise and stock licenses to get started, let us know what you need your video marketing to achieve!

Need us to oodle your kinetic typography?

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