Jacqui Vear

Posted on 1st July 2024
by Jacqui Vear

Modern awards and trophies

Leadership quotes consistently reference the fact that people can reach new levels of motivation and results if they are recognised, praised, and rewarded. From boosting morale and retention to fostering a positive work environment and aligning efforts with company goals, the benefits are substantial.

Something tangible matters in these instances, and rather than the trophy of a bottle or equivalent, don’t overlook actual awards. Drop the point of reference that you may have had from school sports, we’re talking about items, made with an environmentally sensitive choice of materials, in styles that lend themselves to home offices, whilst serving as a reminder of the values and culture of the organisation that is sharing them.

We’ve made a couple of awards to showcase the features of how these contemporary awards can look!

Bamboo column award

Made in the UK – dimensions 158mm x 175mm – laser engrave or colour print – no minimum order quantity.

Oak and recycled acrylic award

Made in the UK – laser engrave or colour print to either material – standard & bespoke shapes available.


Wood blocks in an eye-catching shape are very impactful. You can opt for oak, cherry, beech, maple or walnut. Each award is hand finished with satin wood oil and wax. There are a range of standard shapes, as illustrated below, which are available in four different sizes, or bespoke shapes and sizes are possible for an extra investment.

On a related theme, we can look at projects for your wooden plaques and bamboo medals too!


There are so many options; materials, sizes, layers of artwork! The only limit is your imagination, although actually, our oodlers are on hand to apply creativity with oomph to your brief, so correction, there are no limits that we can think of!

Remember, a little appreciation goes a long way in building a thriving and successful business. If there is a legacy of that appreciation, you have an even stronger foundation to build from.

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