Jacqui Vear

Posted on 14th May 2024
by Jacqui Vear

Lower impact promotional pens

Introducing the BIC® Media Clic Bio Ballpen

This best-selling promotional pens, now comes in a low impact, biodegradable version. There are lots of reasons why it is the first pen we feature in the writing department of our curated range of Sustainable Corporate Gifts.

Let’s cut straight to the chase about the features you will love:

  1. The clip is break resistant and can withstand the weight of 5kg, perfect for all pen fidgeters.
  2. You can mix and match colours across the barrel, clip and button, whilst choosing black or blue ink and opting for spot colour or digital print personalisation.
  3. Each pen will write for a minimum of 2km.

Useful, creative, responsible

This pen is made from sugar cane, with a 100% biodegradable barrel and colourants, which will degrade under industrial or domestic compost conditions. The clip and ink reservoir can be recycled. They are manufactured in Spain, in a facility powered solely by renewable energy.

And colourful

Here is the current colour palette for the BIC® Media Clic Bio Ballpen:

Pen maths

Promotional products are all about brand impressions, the number of times that your brand is seen on each product. This mission is about value, not cost.

If you seek out the ‘cheapest pen’, you’ll get lots of pens for the pounds you spend, yet you’ll compromise quality. This will be reflected in the fact that your contacts don’t take the pen, or fail to use it, or it fails on them after only a short product life, becoming waste to dispose of. The last impression of your brand will be as its user puts your ‘cheap pen’ in the bin, hopefully destined for an energy from waste plant, or at worst, landfill.

Investing in pens at a slightly higher unit cost will give you less pens for your marketing budget. However, they will be used more and last for much longer, giving you a greater return of brand impressions. Buy less, buy better is our advice.

Enquire, invest and write with confidence

BIC® work exclusively through partners like us for their branded writing instruments, as we specialise in applying your brief and brand to Sustainable Corporate Gifts.

With the colours options and print areas offered by this pen, one impact we can certainly maximise is first impressions. Our Design Agency oodle will apply their creativity to blend personalisation options with your brand guidelines and campaign message.

We’re delighted to work with the BIC® team as we share the core values of product quality, safety and sustainability. Their business has a wide range of accreditations to prove their proactivity, which beyond environmental management, confirm their compliance with labour standards and human rights, health and safety and business integrity.

We’re willing to share samples and free visuals, reach out to let us know about your ambitions to write a more sustainable future.

Want to talk about sustainable promotional pens?

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