Jacqui Vear

Posted on 23rd January 2024
by Jacqui Vear

Elevate your brand in the home

They say home is where the heart is, and in the evolving landscape of corporate gifting, this sentiment is taking centre stage. Branded corporate gifts have become more than just nice token gestures; they are now powerful tools for leaving a lasting impression on customers, prospects, and team members. Let’s delve into a new tactic for enhancing your return on investment.

Embracing a new era of flexibility

The workplace underwent a seismic shift in 2020, catalysed by the global pandemic. Before COVID-19, only about one in eight working adults worked remotely. Fast forward to January 2023, and 16% of working adults exclusively worked from home, with an additional 28% adopting a hybrid work model (1). This evolving landscape, dubbed ‘a new wave of flexibility,’ not only signifies a renewed emphasis on work-life balance but also presents employers with opportunities to tap into a broader talent pool and offer enticing employment benefits.

Writing accessories, notebooks, mouse mats and charging cables have been the stalwarts of corporate gifting, but there’s a fresh perspective to consider.


Branded promotional products have traditionally found their place in office space, but the clutter and competition for attention can make it challenging. Enter the realm of promotional products for the home, unlocking new opportunities for brand impressions. These items, residing in the personal spaces of your audience, provide a unique and lasting connection to your organisation.

Unlocking the ROI of home-centric promotional products: The 3 golden rules

  1. Know your audience: Tailor your gifts to reflect the lifestyle of your target audience. Understand their preferences and integrate them into your gift choices.
  2. Quality over quantity: Invest in high-quality items aligned with your budget. Home-centric gifts demand a higher level of consideration, and recipients appreciate items that enhance their living spaces.
  3. Subtle branding: Less is more when it comes to branding. Opt for a subtle approach, such as an engraved logo, over flashy full-colour prints. Your brand should seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of the recipients.

Sustainability: A guiding principle

Quality is subjective, but sustainability speaks volumes. Focus on promotional products crafted from recycled or natural materials, emphasising recyclability and biodegradability. Showcasing a commitment to thoughtful choices not only aligns with contemporary values but also resonates with your audience, shaping their perception of your brand.

Introducing the next wave of branded promotional products

For cooking: Elevate kitchen experiences with table accessories, lunchboxes, and flasks.

For adventures: Embrace the great outdoors with umbrellas, picnic blankets, cooler bags, and weather stations.

For relaxation: Create serene moments with throws, wooden games, candles, and rechargeable lamps.

For sport: Energise your brand with sports bags, wearable lights, and compact towels.

The range of products that are no ready to align with transition to promotional products for the home is growing. Here are a few highlights, before we seek to understand the specifics of your brand marketing campaign.


In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate gifting, the home has become the new frontier. Raise the profile of your brand and message by aligning with the changing dynamics and making a lasting impact where it matters the most – in the hearts and homes of your audience.


(1) Office for National Statistics – Characteristics of homeworkers, Great Britain: September 2022 to January 2023

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