Jacqui Vear

Posted on 4th August 2020
by Jacqui Vear

Let’s talk, virtually

Our new safe and agile ways of working see us having more conversations with contacts and clients than ever before! We’re ready to click, connect and chat, on the video conferencing platform of your choice. The only downside is that you need to make your coffee for our meeting!

Teams, Zoom, Skype, or another video conferencing platform?

As some clients have left their franking machine behind, they’ve had communication challenges. Others want to take more of an offline approach to marketing, to maximise the longevity and impact of their messaging. Clients have equally diversified or re-packaged their offer and need to reach new markets. We can help with these briefs and more!

In talking to lots of clients and maintaining strong links to our production teams, we’ve got a good feel for the challenges out there and more importantly, the ways to overcome them. In chatting with you we’ll bring our specialists into the conversation too, so you benefit from the ideas and energy of our whole team, beyond your usual point of contact at Systematic.

Well done us! A new client launching an innovative product in the UK found us online. They made an enquiry and by the end of the morning, we were talking with our contact based outside the UK and suggesting some straplines to support their marketing pitch! Quotes, visuals and a project materialised from this.

Ready for our next call, here’s a game of ‘background bingo’! Look out for an insight into the lives of a few of our team members.

Our team remain committed to helping you win business and do business, even when business is unusual! Get in touch and let us know when you’re free for a chat.

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