Jacqui Vear

Posted on 19th March 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Letterbox corporate gifts


Are your show schedules slipping?

Wanting to mark a working from home anniversary with something motivational?

Ready to reconnect with your regulars ahead of the retail bounce-back?

If you can’t connect with your customers or team in the usual ways, use letterbox corporate gifts to reach out and spark joy.

Corporate gifts that are unexpected, thoughtful and free generate a powerful emotional response, both directly with your contacts and indirectly through word of mouth and social media shares. By selecting practical, quality items which carry your logo and message, both brand impressions and your return on investment will increase.

Whilst we believe each audience and brief demand a bespoke, branded approach, here are our favourite categories of letterbox corporate gifts, along with a few ideas:


Connectivity is everything at the minute. New branded resources will support an increasing reliance on technology, or give your contacts ‘work’ resources, which preserve their own bits of tech for personal use. Quality headphones with an integrated speaker are almost an essential desk accessory now. Multi-functional charging cables and power banks also have a wide appeal, are made to last and can incorporate sustainable materials.

1. Cork and wheat straw 8.000 mAh 5W wireless powerbank 2. UK made large bamboo phone or tablet stand with laser engraved personalisation 3. High quality in-ear stereo earphones with built in microphone, volume control and full-colour branded box 4. Cork and wheat 6-in-1 retractable cable


There are lots of options, even when you don’t know the size on your contact’s labels! Wearables are desirable, functional and can easily be letterbox friendly. Consider resources that support health and safety precautions, accessories that respond our renewed connection to the outdoors, or maybe a quirky pair of branded socks in biodegradable packaging will prompt a smile!

1. Personalised knitted socks, 80% cotton 2. Full colour tubular stretch bandana, ideal for Winter and Summer use 3. Knitted hat with woven logo, with or without bobble 4. Reusable face mask made of two layers of cotton with full colour branding

Paper products and pens

Screen time is soaring, give your contacts high quality resources to engage with the physicality of paper and writing instruments. Capturing actions and plans on paper will make them feel more achievable and statistically, they will be more likely to happen! Make interesting material choices for tactile products that tell their own story, such as cork notepads and bamboo or antibacterial pens.

1. A5 recycled bound notebook 2. Wiro bound A4, A5 or A6 pads with recycled paper and cover 3. A4 tech portfolio 4. Laser engraved bamboo pen and pencil set with printed box

Sustainable lifestyles

We have all been dramatically reminded about how interconnected the choices that we make in our lives are with nature. Support your contacts as they make sustainable choices, with these eco friendly letterbox corporate gifts.

1. Bamboo sunglasses with UV 400 protection 2. Denim tote cotton shopper 3. Book style sticks with seeded tips 4. Reusable bamboo straws with cleaning brush and linen pouch

Progressing your letterbox corporate gift projects

Delegate away to our team of specialists; corporate gifts, mailings and marketing campaigns are three of the components in how we help you win business and do business:

Let us know how would you like to share some #LetterboxKindness?

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