Jacqui Vear

Posted on 30th January 2020
by Jacqui Vear

Raised digital foil printing for a luxurious print finish

Tactile, elegant digital foil finish, even on short-runs

We are super excited about a new pairing in our repertoire of print finishes! Raised spot UV meets digital foil printing, to create the harmonious partnership of raised digital foiling!

You’ll be familiar with raised spot UV, a high build glossy varnish that stands off the page, with digital foil adding a metallic ink. These two techniques come together with the innovation of a new machine and we’ve got access to the first one in the UK. It’s used for projects that are printed digitally, making the technology accessible to short-run projects such as business cards.

Raised digitial foil printing is a clever development of a precisely heated soft silicone roller and specially developed foils allow the contours of a raised UV varnish to be followed. Fine details can be accentuated with great alignment in the foil colours of gold, silver, bronze, blue, red or green. The results; a super luxury, high impact, value-added piece of print.

Key marketing trends for 2020 are tactile marketing and a focus on elegance and aesthetic value. This technique responds on both accounts. Bring metal images to life, perhaps coins, jewellery, cutlery or baubles. Alternatively add a new level of opulence to metals within your logo. We tested this digital foil with the prestigious Hemswell Antique Centres brand, the largest antiques centre in Europe and the go-to source of bygone treasures for buyers worldwide hemswell-antiques.com

Let us know if you’d like a raised digital foil sample!

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