Pete Allison

Posted on 17th July 2023
by Pete Allison

Thought about kraft paper?

Brown is the new white if you want first impressions to reflect sustainability.

You’ll perhaps associate kraft paper with wrapping and packaging. Yet we think that kraft paper is a rather contemporary substitute for your regular printed products, typically produced on rather stark white substrates.

Kraft paper is a natural, earthy paper that is made from 100% recycled pulp. The word ‘kraft’ originates from the German word ‘kräftig’ which means ‘strong’, and the material is just that.

It’s a powerful and distinctive material for all kinds of popular print projects; leaflets, postcards, tags, greeting cards and even business cards. It comes in a range of weights with the usual options for finished sizes, then single or double-sided printed.

It tells a story of sustainability and responsible consumption and conveys to your audience you care about aesthetics and the planet.

Krafting a design

For some no-nonsense guidance and creativity, look no further than oodle, the design agency within our family. Artwork will print differently on kraft paper, so it’s a case of designing to accentuate its features. You can create stunning results while maintaining your commitment to sustainability. Let the material do the talking, don’t go for heavy print coverage.

Leave lots of white, or should that be ‘brown’ space within your design.

You can adopt a dark minimalist colour pallete, or go to the other end of the scale with bold colours that punch through the brown base colour.

Always LovePaper®

In case there was ever any doubt that your kraft paper is a sustainable substrate choice, we can enable you to use LovePaper® branding in your artwork. Through this approach, you become part of a global campaign which involves many leading brands and publications, including The Guardian, BBC Good Food, Oliver Bonas, Mint Velvet, Graham and Green, and more. They celebrate the fact that paper is one of the few truly sustainable products, as wood is a natural and renewable material.


Provided that your project meets key sustainable print criteria, (which it will if we have anything to do with it), we can reflect this branding in one of its available colours, as an eye-catching and peace-of-mind headline that provides added value for your brand.

We can make this offer as Systematic is a member of the Two Sides initiative, an educational service which champions the environmental story of print, paper and paper packaging. This membership allows us to use the Love Paper® logo in our qualifying client projects too. Win-win!

So, how do you feel about marketing materials that exude this quality, tactile and hand-crafted vibe of kraft paper? Fabulous, get in touch and we can start working up some impactful ideas for you!

Shall we explore kraft paper marketing print?

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