Steve Goy

Posted on 9th March 2023
by Steve Goy

Harnessing the power of print

Last month we decided to take our own advice and create a print-based marketing campaign to promote our Studio, coinciding with Valentine’s Day. As part of this campaign, our talented team designed an attention-grabbing Valentine’s card which we sent out to existing and potential clients inviting them to make a date with one of our Graphic Designers. We also created a Valentine’s themed 2D animation which we sent out via email to support the printed mailout and a series of related social media posts promoting our graphic design retainers and animation services.

By incorporating a QR code in the Valentine’s Card and e-shot, which took recipients to a landing page, we were able to measure the impact of the campaign and so far, it has been a great success in terms of driving traffic to the website. It has also helped draw attention to our graphic design services and given us the opportunity to flex our creative muscles as well as demonstrate the capabilities of our Studio.

The power of print

With design, print and mail being among our core services, we are understandably keen to extol the benefits of printed communications. Unlike a website or an email, printed documents can be touched and felt, stimulating all five senses and building trust in the brand. This tangibility makes them more memorable in communicating information, but don’t just take our word for it! The JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) recently conducted some research, validated by PWC, about the attention consumers give different media. The JICMAIL Attention Pilot Study revealed that, unsurprisingly, mail has the highest attention rate of any media. The study also found that on average consumers spend three minutes with business mail and two minutes with an addressed direct mail package. This is far more time than consumers spend with advertising in any other media.


There are a lot of misconceptions about the sustainability of print – primarily that it is wasteful, detrimental to the environment and responsible for deforestation – when in truth the pulp, paper and print industry is one of the leading sectors when it comes to renewable energy and mitigating carbon impact. European forests, from where the region’s paper mills source over 90% of their wood fibre, have been growing by an area equivalent to 1,500 football pitches every day. Over 60% of this area is certified to FSC® or PEFC™ standards, thanks in part to the support of the print and paper industry.

Similarly, while the global issue of single-use plastic is front of mind for many people, what’s less well known is the problem of e-waste which is the number of old devices discarded around the world.

European forests are growing

The latest Global E-Waste Monitor report states that 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste was thrown away in 2019. Of that amount, just 17% was collected and recycled. By contrast, in 2020 the European paper recycling rate was 72% – an increase on the previous year. In June last year representatives of the European paper value chain pledged to recycle 76% of all paper consumed by 2030.

Two Sides

To help promote the sustainability of the graphic communications supply chain and dispel common environmental misconceptions, companies including forestry, paper, inks and chemicals, publishing, printing and postal operators came together to form the not-for-profit membership organisation Two Sides. Members must adopt the Two Sides Principles to minimise and reduce the environmental impact of our business activities so that they contribute to sustainable development. Our membership enables us to use the Love Paper® logo in our client projects too, if they meet key sustainability criteria.

Not sure if your project qualifies?

This is where we can help! We can ensure you confirm a print specification that meets the criteria, before applying the Love Paper® logo in a way that complements your artwork and generally enhances your communications! So, if you’re planning a printed marketing campaign or need a new brochure or catalogue, let us know what you are looking to achieve, and we’ll come up with some creative ideas and samples to get you started.

Let's boost your results with print power

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