Jacqui Vear

Posted on 4th October 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Let’s help you use the Love Paper® logo

Be part of the global Love Paper® campaign

If your business is working hard on the sustainability of your printed resources, we can work with you to spread the word!

Let’s celebrate the fact that paper is one of the few truly sustainable products, as wood is a natural and renewable material.

Through our graphic design support, we can apply the Love Paper® logo to the artwork of sustainable print projects. It’s a simple and eye-catching way to tell your contacts that you care about the environment and use products from the sustainable paper industry.

The logo’s subtle design and colour variations are an effective yet unintrusive addition to a wide range of paper projects, from printed catalogues and books to direct mail and product packaging. Familiarity is building as the logo is used very effectively by many leading brands and publications.

We can make this offer as Systematic is a member of the Two Sides initiative, an educational service which champions the environmental story of print, paper and paper packaging. This membership allows us to use the Love Paper® logo in our client projects too, if they meet key sustainability criteria.

Print, packaging and paper have a sustainable story to tell

Projects that qualify to use Love Paper® branding

Your print project must ‘walk the talk’ when it comes to sustainability. We’ll help you to confirm a print specification that meets the following criteria, before applying the Love Paper® logo in a way that compliments your artwork and generally enhances your communications!

Cotton Traders use Love Paper branding

Cotton Traders use Love Paper® branding in their marketing communications, image courtesy of Two Sides, The Page – issue 17

Let’s start the conversation about how you love the sustainability of paper…

Our Graphic Designers have access to all the brand assets to reflect the Love Paper® logo in your design and print projects. Let us know what you are looking to achieve, and we’ll share proposals, ideas and samples to get you started!

If you’d like to find out more about Love Paper®, click here to access information and activities that will go down well at work, home and even with the children!

Get in touch to talk about sustainable print projects

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