Jacqui Vear

Posted on 14th January 2022
by Jacqui Vear

We’re leading by example with creative business cards

The journey of business cards, pre to post pandemic

I have a big stash of cards in my desk
They all look samey
I can’t recycle them, they’re coated in plastic

I’m not even touching your business card
Let’s connect online
Then later… who are you anyway?

Please distract me from my screen
Impress me with your business card
I’d love to have your details on hand as I work from home, again!

Did you know…

Business cards originate from China in the 15th Century, where they took the form of visiting cards. They were presented to households that the card holder intended to visit. Then in 17th century Europe, calling cards were an important accessory for gentlemen, whose social standing was influenced by the calibre of their card. So creativity was key to even these early cards, shaping first impressions ahead of the face to face contact that followed.

Here are a few ideas for business card features

Take a bit of inspiration from the graphic design and print features on the business cards that are supporting our new brand.

A flexible call to action with a QR code – QR codes are firmly imbedded in our lives now! A link will give your contacts something tangible to do next, perhaps visit your website, or a feature page within it, connect with you on LinkedIn, sign-up to your newsletter, enter a competition etc. We’ve used the free functionality of Linktree, a tool that, “connects audiences to all of your content with just one link”. It already has an impressive 18 million users worldwide! The customisable landing page offers a menu of different website links, so your contacts can follow-up in a way that works for them. It’s also possible to embed links to your social media channels. Behind the scenes of your Linktree account, you can manage and track engagement in these links, adding in new options as you need to. If you want to maximise the functionality of Linktree, there is a premium version available, for a fairly nominal monthly subscription. We’ve then taken our Linktree URL into a QR code, which we’ve designed to look a bit more interesting and on-brand than a default one!

Here’s our current Linktree landing page:

Systematic's Linktree landing pagePrint finishes that are recycling friendly – Print finishes bring a bit of magic to business cards and other marketing resources, starting a conversation and making them distinctive. In seeking to make the cards as sustainable as possible, we used a deboss and radius corners, avoiding a finish that would compromise the ability of the cards to be recycled. A deboss is the opposite of an emboss, certain parts of the surface are either raised (embossed) or imprinted (debossed). This brings texture to a page, giving a 3D result, which can be enhanced with print underneath the impression, as with the icon on our logo. Radius corners require a different cutter, the last production process when cards are produced. For a simple approach, it has a big impact on first impressions and is associated with premium business cards.

Deboss logo icon

Give due consideration to your paper stock – The colour, weight and texture of the board on which your cards are printed will subliminally communicate lots of information about your organisation. With sustainability core to our values, we’ve opted for a tactile uncoated board. Inks absorb into the kind of stock, for a slightly muted, natural feel. It is also easy to write on uncoated stock, should the need arise. Looking at stock samples, before your marketing materials are produced, will help you appreciate how bulky boards feel. For a card to have impact, we’d recommend nothing less than a 400gsm board, use your typically 80gsm printer paper as a baseline for this purpose. We’ve opted for a 540gsm board, achieved by bonding together two GF Smith Colorplan Frost White 270gsm sheets. When we have the pleasure of supporting your marketing print projects, we can share free stock samples, its all part of the service.

There’s life in business cards yet

Showcase the values and unique offer of your organisation in your business cards, for a small printed item, they pack a punch! We increasingly live in a ‘paper-light’ society, which is exactly why handing over a physical card is emotive. We marvel at the good-looking ones and talk about the quirky ones; did you know there’s a Canadian divorce lawyer who has cards that are perforated down the middle! There is a sense of pride and kudos that comes with creating, owning, and sharing a great business card.

We hope that we have an opportunity to handover one of our cards to you very soon! If you’d like to some ideas in the meantime, we’d be delighted to chat, get in touch.

Let's give your business cards the wow factor!

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