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Posted on 23rd June 2021
by Jacqui Vear

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How illustrated characters support visual marketing

Brains love visual information and illustrated characters can bring real personality to an organisation. Both online and offline they can tell stories in a fun and flexible way, whilst being completely on-brand.

Your brand mascot can be a person, (KFC – Colonel Sanders), animal (Frosties – Tony the Tiger), or object (M&Ms – Spokescandies ). They might have a leading role in your visual marketing content, or be ready, standing in the wings, for when you’ve got a message that’s hard to communicate quickly and impactfully.

This is, erm, Robot?

We didn’t really look to name our character and they have no gender or voice. We just knew that there was space amongst our brands’ visual assets for an illustrated character, and our Design Team responded to the brief.

Our character reminds us of Eve from WALL-E, and even with the simplest of features, they are an expressive communicator, in a Grommit, (of Wallace and Grommit fame), style. Robot reflects our brand colours, so imagery has a ‘Systematic look’, even amongst new accent colours that we’ve added to our brand guidelines.

Robot is efficient, programmed to make processes lean and effective, and generally provide a helping hand, albeit through a robotic arm! We’d like to think these characteristics are reflected in the can-do attitude of Team Systematic.

win business, do business. together

Designed to bring our services to life

We’ve set Robot to work, engaging with the many and varied services that we offer to leading UK businesses, within the categories of Design, Print, Mailing and Marketing. We wanted to show the outputs of what we do in action, reflecting our mission to help you ‘win business and do business’. Our focus goes beyond something that’s creatively designed or professionally printed; we apply our creativity, industry specialisms and project management skills to the creation of branded resources, which have a positive return on investment by helping you to achieve your business goals.

Character design for your organisation?

Move over stock imagery, if you’d like to scope out the options for character development for your organisation, we’d be happy to have a chat!

Get in touch to talk character design and more...

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