Jacqui Vear

Posted on 23rd March 2018
by Jacqui Vear

10 brand marketing exhibition event tips

If your brand is out and about at exhibition events this year, you’ll need our top 10 exhibition event tips to help you win business;

1. Start with strategy

Decide on your outcomes and put a number to them, direct sales, creating new business leads, strengthening relationships, cross-sales with existing customers, or interest in new products.

2. Invite your prospects and customers

If you don’t your competition will! Mailed invitations, email campaigns, website features, social media posts and press releases all have a part to play in a successful pre-event marketing campaign.

3. First impressions are everything

Stand out with your display system! Your exhibition marketing message needs to be clear and visible from every direction, at a range of distances. Reflect your brand colours in strong graphics that communicate a theme.

4. People power your results

80% of your success, or otherwise, is down to your team! Boost their confidence and professionalism with branded clothing, lanyards, folders and enquiry pads.

5. Stock up on business cards

Don’t underestimate the power of this pocket-sized, low-cost resource! Quality cards will speak volumes about your business, activate people’s senses and make them a topic of conversation.

6. Be on brand

Consistency and quality across your exhibition marketing materials will maximise the legacy of your event presence. Material choice and print finishes need to reflect the high quality of your offer. Don’t forget that credibility also comes from great content!

7. Mix up your marketing materials

You need a range of resources to respond to the different values of conversations. As well as high volume leaflets, consider information packs, USBs loaded with information or even video brochures.

8. Prepare an ice breaker

Your team will appreciate promotional giveaways as much as your contacts! They are a great way to start a conversation and with the right product choices, they’ll keep giving your brand exposure, 89% of people will keep a promotional product if they find it useful.

9. Plan your follow-up strategy

Personalised, timely contact after the event is essential. The sale process is just that, a process! It takes a sustained effort to build familiarity and trust. Mix up the approaches, print, electronic, telephone for maximum impact.

10. Don’t be afraid to delegate

Concentrate on what your business does best by teaming up with us to project manage the designs and details that will ensure your event delivers a buzz and a great return on marketing investment.

If you thought these exhibition event tips were useful then get in touch to see how we can help your exhibition stand out from the crowd and help you win more business or check out our brand marketing for more information.

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