Jacqui Vear

Posted on 24th August 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Paper wrap mailing service

A sustainable way to package your direct mail campaigns

As part of our mission to help you improve the sustainability of our purchasing, let us introduce our paper wrap mailing service.

This is not just the envelope you know and trust, this is automated paper wrapping for bulky direct mail pieces, which may incorporate loose inserts. Above all, paper wrap mailing is for when your items need protection in the post, and you want to avoid single-use plastic. In fact, we’re at the point of a climate emergency, you should be avoiding single-use plastic. This type of approach is the responsible thing to do and increasingly the expectation of your contacts, if indeed you want to continue to count them amongst your contacts!

Catalogues, magazines, brochures and newsletters are just a few examples of projects that respond well to a paper wrap mailing service. Items can be within the size range of A5 to oversized A4.

FSC® certified, carbon neutral paper

The paper used in our paper wrap mailing service is fully recyclable and FSC® certified. This is because endorsement by the Forest Stewardship Council® ensures that the raw material of wood fibre is sourced from sustainable forests. Land is responsibly managed, natural habitats of plants and animals are conserved, and the rights of forestry workers and local communities are respected. In addition, the impact of paper production is offset through The Woodland Trust’s carbon capture scheme. As a result, your paper wrapped mailing items can carry the logo to prove it.

We continue to share the virtues of eco-friendly potato starch polywrap and there’s more about this sustainable means of packaging bulky mailings on our blog too. Firstly, compared to the almost clear and silky appearance of potato starch polywrap, paper wrapped mailings will hide the details of the items that are being posted. Secondly, you can add to the intrigue of the contents with a plain paper wrap, which is directly printed with address and postal service details. Thirdly, you could invest in a full colour bespoke wrap where there is an opportunity to add value through messaging, brand reinforcement and even advertising.

Ready to make your mailings more sustainable?

If you’d like to get up close and personal with some paper wrapped mailing items, let us know and we’ll get a few samples to you. Also ensure you use the free expertise within Team Systematic to find the mailing solution that works best for your unique project, we’ll come up with creative ideas from the point of design to delivery on doormats!

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