James Walker

Posted on 17th October 2022
by James Walker

Flexibly supporting your design requirements

Here’s how we can blend our creative skills

Let’s play to our strengths and avoid duplication. Our Studio at Systematic is a team ready to support you, through one of three levels of service; Support, Delegate, On Your Team. That’s underpinned by one mission, to help you win business and do business!

Together we’ll be a creative force to be reckoned with

Bad graphic design has many implications for your organisation, at best compromising engagement with your artwork, at worst, eroding confidence in your brand. While no one sets out to do a poor job, we recognise that skills, technology and a limited awareness of brand guidelines are common barriers to creating effective, engaging artwork.

Whatever application your artwork has, it needs to create a return on investment, whether it’s through your online profile, printed resources, mailing campaigns or marketing tools.

Our Studio is as flexible as you need them to be when it comes to creating on-brand content that delivers. We’ll blend your skillset and ours to arrive at the perfect, efficient level of expertise for each project.

Systematic's creative skills will fit with those in your business

The three main ways that we package our design services

Support – You supply artwork to a brief, we’ll check it over
We progress many projects where ‘artwork is supplied’. We’ll reflect that in our quotes to you and confirm an artwork specification as you place your order. This brief will typically reference the file type, resolution, colour format, e.g. CMYK or spot colours, and whether bleed is required, that’s where artwork extends beyond the intended print area. As we share pre-production proofs of your artwork, we’ll highlight any issues that need resolving.

Delegate – Our team lead your design, project by project
As you talk to our team about your creative projects, we can offer a quote for the development of artwork to your brief. Whether your artwork is logo, text or image-based, you’ll know the investment associated with the input of specialist skills from our Studio.

On your team – A design retainer gives you ongoing creative capacity
Through this approach you have creative graphic and digital design expertise within easy reach, day after day. We’re on your team without being in your team, so you don’t even need to add us to your coffee round! A design retainer is an agreement for us to work with you on a longer-term basis, there’s normally a review every 6 months. It’s driven by the need for regular creative content, although the work need not be the same type, or evenly spaced out. We agree on an average number of hours per month that we apply to your design projects. Those hours are converted into a monthly design retainer value, given you a predictable cost that you can budget for. There are other benefits, we’ll get to know your brand better, the perfect basis for new, ideas that take your projects to the next level. You’ll have access to the different styles and specialisms of our Studio team. You’ll already be in our diary, waiting for the briefs for your new projects.

A quick reminder…

The scope of services within our Studio include:

Let us know how we can package our creative contribution to the projects that help you to win business and do business. Whether you want support, need to delegate or want us on your team with a design retainer, we’re ready to collaborate!

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