Chris Robey

Posted on 16th October 2020
by Chris Robey

Let’s talk torque tags

Supporting vehicle fleet management

Many of the UK’s leading fleets use wheel torque tags, clever pieces of print that we can supply to help you do business, safely! They remind drivers to check the torque of their wheel nuts, the force on them as wheels turn.

Fleet Managers will be well aware of the DVLA guidance on wheel nuts; “Too often wheels become detached from commercial vehicles during use. These wheels can cause serious injury or death. Many people refer to the loss of wheels from commercial vehicles as a mystery. Research shows that there is no mystery. Careless torque was found to be one of the main reasons for wheel loss.”

Printed torque and re-torque tags clearly capture information on when a wheel has been replaced and when it was first torqued, whilst leaving a durable reminder to the driver that it needs to be re-torqued.

To help Fleet Managers further, the tags and the peel out labels within them are numbered. They are available in card or tough tag materials, in any colour, pre-strung and with various numbering, labelling and branding options! If you’d like to see a few samples of our printed torque tags, simply get in touch with our specialist team.

torque tag labels

Using printed torque tags in conjunction with Under and Over 3.5 Tonne Defect Report Books and Wheel Nut Planner Charts will ensure your business has a long-term record that the correct procedures have been followed.

Did you know…

We can also support you with stock management, multi-site delivery and management reports for these and other printed items that help you to win business and do business! Find out more.

For Government guidance on wheel safety for commercial vehicles visit;

Let's talk torque tag printing

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