Jacqui Vear

Posted on 2nd November 2018
by Jacqui Vear

Tear resistant print ‘Synaps’ withstanding everyday life

Tear resistant print & waterproof print marketing

We’d like to introduce you to a versatile synthetic printing material called Synaps, the material behind our Autumn Newsletter! It handles and prints like a luxury paper, whilst being tear resistant print and waterproof, chemical and UV light resistant.

Synaps is available in weights equivalent to your everyday copier paper, through to a heavy 450g; making it a great tear resistant print marketing choice for menus, safety instructions, tickets, maps, business cards, point of sale items and more!

The print material aligns to our sustainable purchasing stream, The Green Dot. Synaps is PVC free, so it doesn’t contain any chlorine or phthalates. It is also fully recyclable, unlike many laminates that are traditionally used to make print more durable.

If you’d like to know more about our tear resistant print solution, drop us a line for some ideas and samples.

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