Jacqui Vear

Posted on 12th August 2020
by Jacqui Vear

A lesson in self adhesive labels

From supporting the logistics of manufacturing to creating a point of difference in retail, self-adhesive labels for business have a wide range of applications. That’s why they’ve featured in our product repertoire for 45 years. Today, we supply more than 20 million of them each year to our clients and the variety within this range would surprise you!

To get your project off to a great start, here are the questions we’ll help you to work through before arriving at a specification.

Developing a specification for your self adhesive labels

How many do you need?

Short and long runs of self adhesive labels can be accommodated, yet volume is a key factor in determining an effective and economical production process.

What size do they need to be?

Bespoke shapes and sizes are certainly possible, or perhaps there is more flexibility in your brief, which could help maximise production efficiencies?

What will they be stuck on and for how long?

How do you want the labels to look?

foil adhesive labels

Do you need any special features?

How do you need them supplied?

There’s a lot to learn with self adhesive labels for business use! That’s why our specialist team is here to guide you through the options, by developing a specification, visuals and testing the approach with samples. Let us know how you need labels to help you win business and do business!

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