Jacqui Vear

Posted on 25th July 2023
by Jacqui Vear

Hats off to promotional headwear

Here’s a prêt-à-porter brand promotion! Headwear is such a flexible corporate gift; its useful has longevity and mass appeal. Your brand is prominently featured, and as supermarket strategists say, ‘eye level is the buy level’!

Repetition is crucial for building brand recognition, and the wearers of branded headwear are getting a name and message out and about. This generates many brand impressions over the long life of a quality hat!

There are lots of styles, colours and personalisation approaches, so plenty of opportunities to fine-tune a product that aligns to the characteristics of your contacts through product type, colour choice and personalisation. Unlike many wearables, the sizing of hats is fairly forgiving, a one-size approach is likely to give you a great brand reach within your target audience and for a relatively small investment.

We progress a range of headwear projects;

Associating your organisation with high-quality headwear will create a positive impression. As you’d expect from Systematic, we also think its important to select sustainable products that give you an engaging and responsible story to share. Here are a few of our favourite products that are ready to reflect your brand:

Straw Hat with Personalised Band

There was never any doubt that short of torrential downpours, the straw hats that our client Peacock and Binnington selected as a key gift for their contacts at the Lincolnshire Show 2023, would be the must-have show accessory. We saw them everywhere, raising the profile of P&B and helping them on their way to success in the prestigious Trade Awards 2023. The P&B Team won the ‘Leverton Perpetual Challenge Cup’, recognising the quality of their stand design, content and attractiveness of display exhibits within their sector.

This is an eye-catching, unisex product that particularly lends itself to boosting brand exposure at festivals and events, and reducing sun exposure for the wearer. It is a distinctive accessory for social media engagement, sturdy enough to be reused, and light to transport. Whilst launched at the Lincolnshire Show in June, our team have seen the P&B hats out and about at other subsequent summer events!

The fedora style straw hat has a comfortable stitched hat band. It is available in an earthy green colour, as pictured above, or a more cream natural colour. Personalisation is through printing in up to 6 colours on the ribbon around each hat, to a print area of 450 x 20mm.

Get in touch if you think this could be the hat for your promotions!

Recycled Cotton 6 Panel Cap

This is a simple and flexible cap made from 100% recycled 190gsm cotton twill. This six panel cap has a curved visor, embroidered eyelets for ventilation and Velcro closure.

The product features an AWARE™ tracer, which is added to the recycled fibres that form the product, which can be tracked at all stages of production to guarantee the recycled claims. In addition, the manufacturing process is engineered to minimise water use. To reinforce this focus, the sale of each product generates a donation to water.org a global non-profit organisation which has already empowered more than 55 million people with access to safe water or sanitation through affordable financing.

The cap is available in seven colours, one size fits all.  It can be embroidered in spot colours, to a personalisation area of 120 x 50mm.
Here’s a link to this product within our Sustainable Corporate Gift range.

Fold Over Beanie Hat with Recycled Material

A classic and comfortable fold over beanie. It is made from Polylana® yarn, consisting of a mixture of virgin and recycled materials to create an innovative fibre with characteristics similar to acrylic or wool fibre. Polylana® is a low-impact alternative to 100% acrylic fibre as it requires less energy and water in its production. As with the featured cap, this product includes an AWARE™ tracer to validate the recycled material and water-saving production approach, with each purchase also generating a donation to water.org.

The beanie hat is available in 8 colours, one size fits all. It can be embroidered on the fold over section, to a personalisation area of 100 x 50mm. To enquire, click here.


Have another style in mind? Want to go even bigger on a bespoke brand look? No worries, we know manufacturers that can support many more options for promotional headwear, through product type and personalisation options. We’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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