Jacqui Vear

Posted on 21st April 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Printing corporate cheques to new industry standards

Security print that helps you to do business

Payment systems are vital to the UK economy and security is paramount. The issue of printed cheques is one system that plays an important role in the financial transactions of our client Langleys Solicitors LLP. We’ve been keeping the security printing of this leading law firm in check, or should we say cheque, amid recent changes to the requirements of printed corporate cheques.

Since December 2020 most UK banks have required printed business cheques to incorporate a new fraud prevention feature. Called Image Survivable Features (ISF), the development is the addition of a Unique Coded Number (UCN) which is printed on the cheque and enables data to be captured and encrypted. Validation of this number occurs when the cheque is scanned within the Image Clearing System, so counterfeit items can more readily be identified.

The digitisation of the cheque clearing system in 2017 brought much needed speed and efficiency to the processes around cheque clearing, yet cheque fraud unusually increased alongside the development. The introduction of UCN references seeks to redress this trend.

Our specialist security printing teams are accredited C&CCC cheque printers…

The Cheque and Credit Clearing Company Ltd is the industry body of the UK’s clearing banks. Processes will ensure that each individual cheque number, sort code and account number are converted into a simple letter and number reference, using a secure encryption algorithm, which is printed onto the cheque in two designated positions.

For over ten years the team at the Langleys offices in Lincoln and York have relied on our support to supply their laser cheques. We manage all elements of each printed corporate cheque project, ensuring that cheque artwork complies with the required guidelines, now including the format and positioning of the UCN security measure. We share artwork proofs with our client until the design is confirmed, then proceed into production and delivery to the Langleys branches as required.

Just like business stationery, cheque design and presentation says a lot about a business. We can print different sizes and format of cheques in single or multiple colours, alongside the latest overt and covert security printing features. We’d be happy to share ideas, designs and prices for your security printing projects.

For more information about Langleys, a law firm for people who want their business and personal affairs handled with tenacity, care and common sense, visit www.langleys.com

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