Ben Crossfield

Posted on 30th June 2023
by Ben Crossfield

The science behind first impressions

This tool has the potential to transform the impact of door drop mailing campaigns

We’ve long been advocates of mail. Door drops are a flexible way to engage new contacts; it’s the unaddressed mail that comes through your letterbox, often as a simple leaflet, yet with the potential to be a postcard, letter, voucher or brochure. According to research published by JICMAIL, the average person in the UK typically interacts with a mailed item 4.44 times and it will stay in the home for around 8 days!

Door drops reportedly have between 3 and 5 seconds to stand out, before being lost in the shuffle of post

In our digital world, mail is a trusted way to deliver tangible communications, yet there is no denying that the design of that mail piece will have a big impact on what happens next. The potential for mail to be saved, shared and, most importantly, acted upon comes back to its creative. That’s the day job of our design agency oodle, and for added reassurance as you invest in door drop campaigns, we have a new point of reference, robot eyes!

So, we’re working with neuroscience, in the form of eye tracking software! As an added bonus for leading on the graphic design of your door drop marketing campaigns, we can share free insights into how your proposed designs respond to the simulated human eye.

Eye tracking technology shows you what a person’s eye is likely to be drawn to and in what order

Placement of your brand, the scale of key features of your design and the clarity of your call to action are three key pieces of information that your recipient needs to know; who you are, what your message is, and what you are asking to happen.

Eye-tracking technology can tap into a reader’s subconscious by picking up on their instinctive reactions.

We’ve demonstrated the software on a simple graphic that we created to promote Systematic’s services:


The use of eye tracking technology is a powerful tool as designs are developed and refined. It’s a ‘belt and braces’ tactic as an organisation prepares to invest in door drop campaigns. There are variables of course, just one of the reasons why we’d advocate test marketing different design concepts after you’ve collaborated with some creative professionals, like the kind you’ll find at oodle. There’s general best-practice to be mindful of, the kind of information our designers work with day to day; position key information on the first page, acknowledge that a reader will often start in the top left of a design and use contrasting colours to accentuate different elements of a design.

We’ve got technology and creativity at our fingertips! If the potential of using eye-tracking software as you commission designs for your mailing campaigns has sparked your interest, please get in touch for a chat.

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