Pete Allison

Posted on 16th August 2022
by Pete Allison

The mighty and branded multi charging cable

Smartphones and mobile connectivity are part of daily life for most of us. Data indicates that every day we spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on our phones, picking them up a staggering 58 times each day!¹

This data is only heading in one direction, and it is the basis of technology-based corporate gifts being popular. The right gift will appeal to the masses with the potential to be used a lot, if not relied upon, in the home, office, car, or whilst out and about! The greater the usage, the more brand impressions there will be of your company logo and message that are printed on the gift.

Let’s talk multi charging cables

There are two challenges to overcome with branded technology products, cost and usability across different manufacturers’ products. Multi charging cables are a corporate gift that avoids these limitations! And our recommendation is a sustainable option, as you’d expect from Systematic.

Reverse of multi charging cable box

Connectivity and flexibility

This multi charging cable has two inputs, USB A and USB C and three outputs, USB C (for newer Android devices), Micro USB (for Android devices) and lightning adapter (for iPhone 5, 6, 7 and 8 models). The cable will connect to a power source through one of its inputs, and then connect to almost any mobile device, potentially charging two or three devices at the same time.

It is made from recycled ABS plastic, degradable corn and wheat straw and recycled TPE materials. The natural materials give the product an attractive off-white, natural appearance. As the bulk of the material in the item is biodegradable, should it ever find itself in landfill, less material will be left as electronic waste than a non-biodegradable equivalent.

This cable is presented in a recyclable brown kraft box, that can be printed in one spot colour to the face. The product is also pad printed in one spot colour to the head, to an area with a diameter of 28mm. The minimum order quantity is just 100 units.

Account Manager Pete with multi charging cable

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¹Data from RescueTime, an app created to monitor phone use

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