Steve Goy

Posted on 4th January 2023
by Steve Goy

Pantone® Colour of 2023

The power of colour

Drum roll please… the Pantone Color Institute™ the international authority on colour, have announced the colour trend for the year ahead.

And the headline is Pantone 18-1750, which is known as Viva Magenta! It is seen to be a powerful and empowering shade of red, whilst being rooted in nature. It seeks to be a joyous and optimistic celebration that involves and engages all – are you feeling the magentaverse?

Pantone’s selection process involves looking for colour influences from across the world, through nature and global cultures. It’s about picking up on the influence and emotion that colour evokes.

Pantone Colour 2023 Example 1

What does this mean for me, you might ask?

Well the Pantone Colour of the Year filters through into product development and high-street trends. Your audience may be subliminally tuned into it for 2023, so it’s a useful power to harness in your creative projects.

We work with the Pantone colour framework everyday here at Systematic, to generate creative ideas and harmonise brand designs, using its psychology as a communication tool. If you’ve got projects that need a splash of colour and creativity to improve their impact, we’d be very happy to chat!

Let's help you communicate through colour

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