Jacqui Vear

Posted on 28th October 2019
by Jacqui Vear

Lumpy mail marketing for successful campaigns

A bulky mail marketing tactic that’s impossible to ignore

There’s a torrent of marketing communications bombarding our eyeballs and ears. We make decisions quickly because we don’t generally value interruptions, we’ll have a finger over the delete button and the recycling bin within arm’s reach!

One lifeline for those wanting to raise awareness of a great product or service is our lumpy mail marketing. As the name suggests, it is bulky mail marketing, sent in the post. It’s ideally sent in packaging that’s as incognito as possible, to add intrigue upon receipt. It will be too big to ignore, perhaps recipients will have to sign for it. Importantly, the contents will be clearly branded; the legacy of the package needs to unequivocally be associated with the sender, making branded corporate gifts the order of the day.

Here are 5 top tips for a successful lumpy mail marketing campaigns

1. Do your research. Make sure your recipients are likely to have a legitimate interest in your product or service. If you’re approaching businesses, ensure you are targeting decision makers.
2. Gift not gimmick. The bulky mail marketing package will include a promotional product that feels like a present.
3. WIIFM. What’s in it for me? You need to give a simple but compelling reason why the recipient would benefit from getting in touch with you.
4. Personal. Send something you think they’ll want, find useful or even funny, whatever style best suits your brand. The product may be simple but with careful consideration of your artwork and message, print will give it the wow factor.
5. Follow up. It can take several touches to engage with someone, so see this as the starting point and plan other activities that comply with the contact permissions you have.

When it comes to the messaging, you need to acknowledge the general starting point of your audience; your prospect doesn’t care, they struggle to tell the difference between one supplier and another, they’re not quite sure they believe you and they don’t want to act!

Start with the basics, a specific, big benefit for your audience. Keep it simple, be clear, ensure it differentiates your business and that you can definitely deliver on the promise. Statistics say that people generally only remember one idea or concept about a company! That’s it, so that idea or concept needs to be very powerful indeed.

Lumpy mail marketing is not a ‘quick fix’ business tactic. It demands clarity of purpose, a clear understanding of your customers and most importantly of all, creativity. The good news is that it does not necessarily demand a big budget! Get those elements right and the return on investment will be well worth time you’ve spent thinking outside the box, if you excuse the pun!

Print Week Awards

We’re here to help you with a bulky mail marketing tactic! Our work has recently been celebrated in our industry’s leading award forum, the Print Week Awards. Our campaign earned us finalist status in the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ category, sponsored by Quadient. If you’d like us to start developing some ideas that suit your message, simply get in touch.

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