Ben Crossfield

Posted on 14th April 2021
by Ben Crossfield

The benefits of print management

What’s the future for print management?

Given the power of ecommerce, some commentators are questioning the print management business model, (whereby one company sources all your print requirements from a network of trade printers), and wondering whether its time has come. Can’t savvy buyers just search online, find a decent price, check website reviews and bingo, order placed, standards maintained, and costs reduced? This is certainly one way of looking at things!

So, what are the benefits of print management and do these companies still warrant their commanding place in the market?

In discussing this, we exclude the old-fashioned ‘brokers’, who merely traded on price, devaluing the market, whilst giving the whole industry a bad name, as thankfully they are no longer in the market… their business model was totally undercut and replaced by the internet!

However, progressive print management companies, like Systematic, are still busy and growing, maybe this is why?

Free project management

Each of their Project Managers has responsibility for about five key accounts. On average each Account Manager is therefore spending a working day each week understanding your business goals, researching the market, project managing, negotiating, and monitoring timescales on your behalf. Each Project Manager has support to ensure consistency, so essentially you are getting an extra pair of hands, or two, working diligently on your behalf.

And the consultancy hourly rate for all this is zero! Yes, all the above is just part of their regular print management service.

Specialist print advice in technical areas

When using Systematic, you are accessing a team with well over 150 years market experience, with exponentially more than that provided by our supplier network. When considering data management, print finishes, adhesives, security features and even the vast array of corporate gifts, it really helps you achieve your goals to have specialist advice on hand.

In each product area, Systematic have colleagues with a special interest in that area, as well as suppliers who form part of our specialist team. Our suppliers only operate with the trade, they love the fact they receive a constant flow of accurately specified work, that is entirely suited to their presses, and we pay the vast majority weekly, so they love dealing with us and this helps us lever the best possible service and terms on your behalf.

Single source for streamlined procurement

Another key benefit that print management companies offer is the ability to offer the complete range of business and marketing print, from a humble business card to a full building wrap, from heat resistant labels to a financial services mailing, clients have just one point of contact. If you’re planning an exhibition, where results are key, then we estimate we can take over half a Marketing Manager’s to do list, from the invitations and display stands, to the giveaways and mailed follow ups!

Brand guardian for creative services

With the wide array of media channels all competing for marketing space, as well as the operational print and labels that you need to keep your business moving, brand consistency is key. Our creative Graphic Design Team are on hand to create stunning new brand identities and campaigns, and then ensure that these are used creatively, and to maximum effect, over the full marketing range. The success of our nationwide franchise clients is testament to the brand management consistency that we bring, though this service is, once again, just part of our way of operating for all clients.

Data management

This has become a key strength in the print management offering, the ability to source, cleanse and utilise high levels of data, whether this is for business critical mailings, financial documents or highly targeted direct mail campaigns. With tight regulations rightly in place, using specialist data management companies, with proven practices and procedures, is vital for both success and reputation.

Efficiency and management reports

Behind successful brands are well informed, empowered Management Teams. Through using our stock and brand management portals, we are able to furnish our clients with a wide range of management reports to help them understand their purchasing; which branches are using what, which marketing tactics are being used, are safety procedures being followed, as well as what it’s all costing. Use of our portals and bespoke reports are provided to all clients on request without any charge.


As our strapline emphasises, we help clients ‘Win business, do business. Together.’ Our whole approach is one of collaboration, both with clients and suppliers, so that we combine the best parts of all three for the best possible results. Our flexibility means that we can work with the best of what you have, be that your existing brand, photographs and copy, however if that’s not available then we’re just as happy to provide it. Flexibility of mindset and approach allows us to agree unique service levels that are tailor-made to your print management requirements.


In conclusion, print management companies can provide a wide range of services totally free to their clients. It’s like having extra colleagues, with specialist skills, to help you, but without the expense. By offering the complete range of business and marketing supplies, utilising the latest production techniques, and underpinned with portals, management information, all to agreed service levels, you simplify and improve procurement and business results by using the technology and knowledge that such companies can provide.

Looking at the high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty, this sector looks set to continue to support the essential collaboration between the increasingly technical, data driven production houses and the increasingly ambitious, but time-scarce, marketeers.

Systematic are here to help you! For more information on the benefits of print management and to meet your own personal project manager please complete the enquiry form below or call 01472 851091.

Access the benefits of print management

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