Sarah Lawrence

Posted on 20th June 2024
by Sarah Lawrence

Creative empowerment

The world of graphic design is undergoing rapid change, driven by social media, technology and especially AI. That’s the artificial intelligence that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities. We wonder, do those capabilities extend to creativity?

Our clients now have access to tools that give them the potential to take charge of many of their creative endeavours. Take Canva for example, it’s an Australian business that has been around for just over 10 years, offering its users graphic design tools that support social media graphics, presentations and more.  A nice image, font and job done?

Our take on this is yes and no!

The role of AI in graphic design

AI-powered platforms can automate many design tasks, making it easier for non-designers to create visually appealing content. These tools can suggest design elements, optimise layouts, and even generate entire graphics based on user inputs.

Sometimes it’s important to get a short-term brand message out there, doing something is generally better than doing nothing, and if you want to channel your inner creative to support this then go for it.

When you brand marketing assets need to cut through digital noise, to be saved, shared and interacted with, first impressions become lasting impressions. AI cannot replace the creative intuition and strategic thinking of a seasoned graphic designer. The human touch is crucial for understanding brand nuances and creating designs that truly resonate with your target audience.

To relate this to marketing strategy, think about Customer Lifetime Value. This is the metric that indicates the total revenue a business can reasonably expect from an individual customer throughout the business relationship. If your message is in front of those who are key to your acquisition, loyalty or retention strategies, make the most of their attention with targeted, engaging and brand consistent content.

What to expect from collaboration with a graphic designer

Becoming a graphic designer isn’t just about being good at drawing between the lines, (our oodlers obviously won all the class points for this at school). It’s more about knowing when it’s the right time to be outside the lines. Every brand has a look, tone of voice and way of behaving. It is this intellectual property that defines the engagement every organisation seeks, and it’s where a designer’s knowledge adds value.

Outsourcing design is an investment

Would you fix your car or tackle an electrical fault knowing that it’s not what you were trained in? It seems fair to acknowledge that we might go so far, but we’d know when to stop and call in the experts. That thinking could be applied to the debate between working with graphic designers versus using online resources.

Great design speaks volumes, without saying a word

Ambitious brands still rely on the expertise, ideas, and focus of teams like oodle to lay the foundation for their success. Bold creativity is required for cut through.

We’re ready to take on your challenges! We can acknowledge and be grateful for the creative empowerment we all have, yet let’s not underestimate what we can achieve when we connect and collaborate on your creative projects.

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