Jacqui Vear

Posted on 7th November 2022
by Jacqui Vear

Wow factor, sustainable, branded drinkware

The demand for high-quality branded drinkware continues to grow, after all, there is no excuse for single use. Drinkware represents great value for money as a promotional product. If you choose a quality, durable product, aligned to our recommendations, it will be used regularly, over a long period of time, which maximises brand impressions.

We’ve got a curated range of drinkware options in our Sustainable Corporate Gift range. Let’s highlight two options, which you may recognise as premium retail brands. Exclusive partnerships in the promotional products industry enable us to associate your organisation with these leading drinkware brands, renowned for innovation.

The added win here is that by purchasing branded items in bulk, your own bespoke products are achievable at a unit rate below the going unit RRP, (recommended retail price).

The Circular Cup & Ecoffee Cup

Both of these products are bright, tactile and highly superior alternatives to single use cups. They are not the most thermally insulated products available, they hold a drink that you want to consume at that point, and in doing so, they are light and easy to transport. Walk away from the office drinks machine, canteen or local coffee shop with a sense of pride, whilst earning kudos for the brand that is reflected on your desirable drinkware!

The Circular Cup is made from recycled coffee cups

Circular Cup sustainable and branded

Circular by name and circular by nature, the Circular Cup is a world first. This reusable cup is made from recycled single-use paper cups, that would otherwise go to landfill. The product is designed to last for 10 years, and for peace of mind, its parts are even guaranteed. Drinks are kept hot or cold for between 60 and 90 minutes and the cup is dishwasher safe. The Circular Cup offers 360 degree drinking, you simply press down this leakproof lid and you can then drink from any point on it.

Circular Cup 360 degree drinking

“Where do I start in sharing what I love about my Circular Cup. Its big enough at 250ml but still fits in the cup holder in my car. My coffee is kept warm, but quickly gets to a drinkable temperature. If I maintain my habit of starting my working day with my Circular Cup, for the duration of its guarantee, that equates to 2,300+ uses, from a product made of components that could be in landfill! That makes me proud.” Jacqui, member of Team Systematic

Click here to submit your Circular Cup enquiry.

The Ecoffee Cup is made from plant-based materials

Ecoffee Cup options

This is a new generation of the takeaway cup, available in three sizes. The Ecoffee Cup range is made with a fully renewable material, a bio-polymer created from sugar beet, corn and potato starch, it’s called Polyatic Acid, or PLA for short. The product is dishwasher safe, and drinks can be reheated in a microwave. Should an Ecoffee Cup ever get to the end of its life, it is commercially compostable and recyclable.

Click here to submit your Ecoffee Cup enquiry.

Your product, your style

The Circular Cup and Ecoffee Cups come in a range of colours, and can reflect your logo or message in one colour personalisation. (Two colour personalisation is possible to a smaller area on the Circular Cup). Treat the branding of the product like engraving, it’s your mark on the drinkware, but in a way that lets the look and familiarity of these fabulous items do the talking.

Packaging that comes with a few boasts

Every product has a story, and for these products, it is one to be proud of. Their minimalist, sustainable packaging reinforces their sustainable claims to fame, leaving the recipient in no doubt about the considerate nature of your branded drinkware product.

When shall we get started on your sustainable drinkware project?

Do you have a favourite drinkware product in mind? Let us know your favourite product, share your brand guidelines, then a free, eye-catching visual or two will arrive in your inbox.

Our specialism in sustainable corporate gifts is for your benefit! When you reach our team you’ll be connected to your dedicated Account Manager, who will chat about your requirements, and provide visuals, quotes and full project management support for each and every one of your projects. There is no need to browse, click, pay and hope that a website will deliver on your expectations, our family business likes to keep things personal. Send us a message to get the ball rolling…

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