Chris Robey

Posted on 17th November 2020
by Chris Robey

Brexit-proof your print supplies

A message from our Managing Director

As one of your suppliers, we wanted to update you, hopefully for the final time, on the implications that a potential ‘no deal’ Brexit may have on the services we provide to you.

Further to enquiries with our supply chain, we can confirm that most businesses continue to have robust plans, although clearly there remains some uncertainty. The two main impacts could be;1. Potential delays in the supply of raw materials2. Potential increases in costs due to tariffs, exchange rate fluctuations and additional operating costs.

In addition, our enquiries have revealed that label manufacturers are especially busy, and expect to remain so in the run up to Christmas.

We continue to recommend that you mitigate your exposure to these risks by bringing forward orders for all products that are business critical. We can accept forward orders with extended delivery dates and pre-order paper or materials for future projects. If you are boosting supplies of your printed items, we would be happy to discuss storing items for you. For the plain stock lines that we hold, we are equally increasing our stock levels. The temporary impact on cash-flow is arguably a price worth paying for the security of having key business documents and marketing collateral in place.

We remain optimistic about the situation, but feel this is the best advice that we can give in light of continued uncertainty.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss this further in the context of your work with us.

With very best wishes

Managing Director

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