Jacqui Vear

Posted on 9th December 2022
by Jacqui Vear

Brandable Rocketbooks® have landed!

We’re launching a new product within our range of brandable sustainable corporate gifts – the Rocketbook®.

As far as sustainability mantras go, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is a strong one! The market-leading Rocketbook responds, it may just be your ‘forever’ notebook! As a product that can be personalised to reflect your brand, this also means that details of your organisation could forever be in the hands of your key contacts.


Write – Scan – Wipe

Using a special pen, you smoothly write your notes across 36 pages of synthetic paper. Your notes are then scanned and saved, connecting to all your favourite cloud services. You are then ready to simply erase your handwriting with a damp cloth. Then reuse your notebook, again and again! It’s the reassuringly familiar pen and paper experience yet built for the digital age.

Create your own Rocketbooks

We’re delighted that the Rocketbook is now available as a corporate gift, an innovative brand that you can associate your organisation with through the personalisation of the covers.

Key features:

Advanced features:


Take our word for it…

As you’d expect from Team Systematic, we take our role as your trusted advisors very seriously, so as we’ve flight-tested the Rocketbook for you.

Jacqui’s week with a Rocketbook

As a pen and paper type of person, talk of ‘transferring notes to your preferred cloud destination’ filled me more with anxiety than excitement. Yet with fond Etch a Sketch memories from the 80s in my mind, I committed to my Rocketbook, even going cold turkey with my pencil case and paper resources!



Andrew’s week with a Rocketbook

As a creative, I enjoy using pen and paper and love to doodle, and as someone who writes notes in multiple places (notebooks, loose sheets, envelopes) I was keen to see if the Rocketbook could streamline my note taking.




Even a non-techy person will adjust their habits to make space for a Rocketbook in their life! Embrace the joy of handwriting, whilst taking time away from your screen and still creating digital text files.

Let us know if you’d like more information, visuals and proposals on a branded Rocketbook for you and your organisation.

Shall we launch your Rocketbook project?

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