Hemp Drawstring Backpack

Code: B38


A sturdy 250gsm backpack made from hemp fibres. The hemp plant has the strongest natural fibres and almost all parts of the plant can be used, which is why it has been associated with textile for centuries. It is fast and easy to grow, whilst naturally resistant to insects, so it can be grown organically. Hemp uses less 25-35% less water than the cotton plant, a fact promoted on a discreet tag on the outer of the bag. The deep, fine roots of the hemp plant keeps the soil healthy and purifies toxic substances from the soil. The bag is ideal for daily use, perhaps as a gym or sports bag. available. The bag has an 8 litre capacity and dimensions of 400 x 330mm. It can be printed in up to 6 spot colours to one or both sides, to a personalisation area of 200 x 200mm.

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