Chris Robey

Posted on 9th May 2022
by Chris Robey

Torque tags for smaller corporate fleets

Our bespoke wheel nut torque tags, branded to the look and specific requirements of our corporate clients, have been flying off the presses recently. However, we are aware that the cost of printing a short run of bespoke torque tags can be uneconomical for Fleet Managers coordinating smaller fleets of vehicles.

That said, BSAU 50 Part 2 regulations apply to all fleet vehicles, namely that, “It is recommended that a documented means of ensuring that wheel nuts are always subject to an initial torque and re-torque is in place and these records are kept, to form part of the vehicle’s maintenance history.”

Economically priced generic torque tags

We now hold stock of unbranded torque tags that will support Fleet Managers with smaller fleets. They can be purchased in low quantities and personalised with name and address details at the point of use. Packs of 250 torque tags can be despatched for delivery within 48 hours, or 24 hours if they are urgent, for a cost of £120 + VAT.

It’s a small price to pay for the reassurance that comes with knowing this process is integral to vehicle maintenance planning.


As with our bespoke tags, these quality torque tags have the following features;

You’ll still benefit from our economies of scale, as we’re producing these generic torque tags in bulk! You can also be assured that this is a quality item, with a rigorously tested specification.

Like to progress a torque tag order?

Our team will happily accept your order over the phone, or via email. If you’d like to see a sample before you proceed, we can arrange for a free sample to be posted to you.

Other printed resources for Fleet Managers

We’ve supported Fleet Managers for more than 20 years, applying our design and print powers to all the inspection and safety resources that you might need, including:

If you have multiple sites, we can store your printed resources in bulk, shipping them to your depots on a call off basis. You also benefit from management reports linked to the stock that we hold for you, data that will confirm if your sites are using the documents that they should be.

We know that being a Fleet Manager has never been harder! You’re coordinating logistics, rules, regulations and facing escalating fuel prices. We can’t solve all these challenges, but our specialists can certainly tackle a few things on your to-do list when it comes to printed resources. We can often help with template artwork to get your projects started too. Please get in touch if you’d like chat about the support we can offer.

Get in touch to talk torque tags and other fleet resources

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