Jacqui Vear

Posted on 15th June 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Add impact with our PowerPoint presentation design services

Helping you to create better PowerPoints

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘death by PowerPoint’, and that’s certainly true when presentations lack creativity and brand consistency. If you’ve secured a pitch at a meeting, training session or event, don’t worry, you can delegate this job to us.

Our PowerPoint presentation design services aim to ensure that you hold the attention of your audience, maximising the opportunity for your brand and message to resonate with them. Transforming a flat, basic PowerPoint into a designed, interactive presentation can generate a return on investment in a variety of ways:

More than just another PowerPoint presentation

We can enhance your PowerPoint content, making it interactive and eye catching, and ultimately more memorable for your audience. Outcomes that our PowerPoint presentation design service support include:

Take PowerPoint to the next level with animation

Have you considered using animations in your PowerPoint slides? The whole presentation can become an animated video, created in animation software and divided into sections. The sectioned animation is then placed onto each slide, which will automatically play as that slide is viewed. Our designers will create a storyboard from your brief, which will show how your presentation will come to life.

An animated presentation can really add the wow factor for your brand and serve as an engaging way to assist the speaker while they are presenting.

Also consider an interactive PDF

There may be situations when your presentation is not dependent on a presenter, for example, you may want potential customers to access information about a new product through their own device, where and when it suits them. Alternatively, you may have some internal training that consistently needs to be rolled-out across your team. Interactive PDFs could well be the accessible, easy to use and engaging way to do this!

Interactive PDFs are designed in the same way as a presentation, but instead of exporting the design into PowerPoint, the interactivity is added within the design software. You maintain the same functionality in terms of roll-over effects, buttons, hyperlinks and video, with the advantage that the file can easily be shared via email, and it does not need the recipient to open or download PowerPoint.

Designed with your objectives in mind

Each brief and presentation is different, so we’re ready to hear about your next opportunity to pitch! We’ll offer our ideas and apply our PowerPoint presentation design skills with your success in mind. First impressions make a lasting impression and we’re here to help!

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