Jacqui Vear

Posted on 21st October 2022
by Jacqui Vear

Bespoke ‘handwritten’ corporate Christmas cards

All things considered, it’s been a turbulent couple of years for us all and Christmas plans have had a few setbacks! Kind words will go a long way to reminding those who are near to you and your business that they are in your thoughts at Christmas and beyond.

We’ve collaborated with an innovative business that produces ‘handwritten’ cards and letters for several years. The qualifier is that we are talking about automated handwriting, a robotic hand holds a Parker pen, filled with bottled blue ink! With the use of artificial intelligence algorithms, it copies the writing style of a human hand. Most importantly, the results are convincing, neat, and perfectly spelt.

We now offer you the opportunity to tap into the personal, impactful approach of writing through Christmas cards. These are A5 cards, in a portrait orientation, printed on high quality 340g Splendorgel stock and issued in white Conqueror envelopes.

This is how your project could evolve:

  1. Let us know the number of contacts whom you would like to receive a card this Christmas. We can flexibly accommodate quantities of 50 upwards.
  2. We have four card designs, all exclusively designed by our Studio. Let us know which design appeals to you the most.
  3. Share your logo and business contact details, which will be reflected on the reverse of your card design, as illustrated below. They will sit alongside the Love Paper branding, to reassure recipients that cards have been sustainably produced.
  4. Compose the message that you would like to be written inside your cards. Up to 40 words can be accommodated within the inside right pages. The message can include the name of the recipient, provided that this variable field is reflected in your data.
  5. We’ll arrange for the secure receipt and processing of your personal data, offering clear guidance on the required format of the information.
  6. Cards are printed and written. Envelopes are also written by the same robotic hand.
  7. To maintain the personal nature of the approach, each card is carefully prepared for despatch with the addition of a postage stamp, reflecting your choice of first or second-class postage. Then it’s over to Royal Mail for delivery to your chosen doormats!
  8. A guide price for your own, exclusive handwritten cards is £1.64 net for 1,000 cards, plus the cost of first or second-class postage, taking the total to £2.58 or £2.31.


Christmas cards front and reverse

Here’s an example of written Christmas cards that we issued in 2021, using the same innovative technology, (note that these cards were different in having a landscape orientation).

Handwritten card example

So the sharing of personal and memorable messages this Christmas can be very straightforward for your business, the project will only hit your to-do list very fleetingly!

Let's talk corporate Christmas cards

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