Jacqui Vear

Posted on 10th December 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Sustainable branded gifts, from us to you

We’ve applied our new brand to an initial range of sustainable corporate gifts. They have a great story that we were keen to share, as they come with colour and branding options that will work alongside your campaigns too, so why not build on our ideas? As you’d expect, our sustainable, branded gifts follow our other corporate gifting golden rules, by being quality items that are practical and made to last.

Systematic branded eco gifts

A5 casebound recycled notebook

This stylish notebook is made to order in the UK. 99% of the notebook is recycled from post-consumer waste, that would otherwise go to landfill.

The hardback cover has a tactile smooth finish with a slight grain. 96 pages of 80gsm lined white 100% recycled paper are sewn into the cover. This approach ensures that the notebook lies flat when open. It also minimises the use of glue, enabling the whole book block to be pulled from the cover at end of life, and recycled in normal household paper recycling.

The notebook can be debossed, foil blocked or printed in one colour or full colour to a personalisation area of 165 x 262mm. Our notebooks are subtly debossed in two positions, meaning that a die is indented into the cover, which darkens its grain.

The product is available from 25 units, in 5 core colours; black, green, grey, navy and red.

Sustainable ice scraper

We are big fans of branded ice-scrapers because they have such longevity, generating lots of brand impressions against a cost-effective investment. This product is made in the UK and is recycled and recyclable.

It is a heavy-duty ice scraper, with a rubber squeegee blade, which is ideal for demisting. The handle is 135mm long and can be printed to most of its surface area in spot colours. There is a second, smaller personalisation area, 10 x 45mm at the end of the handle. This sustainable, branded ice scraper has a minimum order quantity of just 100 units.

Systematic sustainable notebook and pen

A resource-efficient Prodir pen

Swiss made Prodir pens have a provenance that is grounded in innovation, precision and care. This is the DS8 Regeneration Pen from this premier brand, a refillable pen that has a case made from 100% recycled Prodir waste.

Prodir have practiced material recycling for many years, which sees them grind and process plastic scrap and waste into granules from which plastic components can be made again. Recycling their own waste in this way ensures that their recycled products meet the same quality standards and are as durable as those from primary materials. This feature is reinforced by the discreetly placed international recycling symbol.

The DS8 Regeneration Pen has a low-pollutant Floating Ball® black or blue ink refill, contained within the contemporary triangle shaped body, which is optimised for ergonomics. It is available in six natural matt colours and an antibacterial agent can be added to the recycled plastic, in accordance with ISO 22196 and ISO 21702:2019. The minimum order quantity is 500 units.

Need samples & prices?

Let’s have a conversation! We can do the legwork in sourcing, personalising and perfecting sustainable corporate gifts that give your brand a legacy with your key contacts. We’re ready to take your brief, delegate away!

P.S. If you need sustainable packing options, or support to fulfil and mail your eco branded gifts, we’re ready to help with that too.

Need ideas for eco branded gifts?

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