Prodir QS40 Biotic Pen

Code: W3


Swiss made pen from prestigious brand Prodir. Award-winning and versatile with plastic casing in a honeycomb structure. This material-saving design means that the QS40 requires 60% less plastic, and 30% of what it does need is recycled from internal waste. Refillable lead-free jumbo ballpoint pen refill, in white, black or a metal, with a 1.0 mm or 1.4 mm tungsten carbide writing ball in a tip made of rust-proof steel. Black or blue waterproof ink with medium-viscosity for a comfortably smooth flowing writing experience. 10 matt and 9 velvety soft touch colours are available, with pantone matching from 5,000 units. It comes with high-quality personalisation options such as clips of various shapes, materials and finishes, colour-contrasted clip holders for metal clips, stylish metal push buttons, antimicrobial surface treatment. 1 print position on the clip, 36 x 7mm.

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