Sarah Lawrence

Posted on 21st May 2024
by Sarah Lawrence

Office branding to bring your business to life

Branding your space with office graphics

With marketing budgets having to stretch across an increasing mix of channels, bringing a branded look to your premises may not be a top priority. However, times are changing, as businesses recognise the power of the visual stimulation that comes from office graphics. For a relatively low cost, bespoke branding delivers high-impact results!

Our design and print services are increasingly being applied to office branding projects; with our clients wanting to communicate their company history, and reinforce it’s positioning, at every turn of their premises. Graphics also enhance first impressions and credibility as a backdrop to online meetings. They can support advertising too, particularly when you consider external doors, glazing and walls.

For your team, office branding will enhance a space that they spend a lot of time in! You have an opportunity to emphasise key messages, inspire creative thinking and create cohesion, almost subliminally!

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’re leading by example. We’ve reflected our commitment to being a sustainable business through signage design and materials within oodle and Systematic HQ.

We showcase a range of different office branding styles:


Beyond businesses, our creativity has been applied to the design of graphics that provide focus and inspiration for a school library.

Whilst traditionally regarded as a finishing touch, bespoke wall graphics and signage do generate returns, for your team and brand. If you’d like us to explore these opportunities within your working environment, reach out for a chat.

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