Jacqui Vear

Posted on 25th August 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Meet the team – Paige Gregory

Bringing new skills and energy to our Design Team

Earlier this month, we were delighted to welcome Paige to Team Systematic! Paige is a University of Lincoln First Class Honours Graduate in Media Production, with creative and technical skills in abundance, and lots of enthusiasm thrown in for good measure! We know you are going to benefit from Paige’s digital design skills and creativity, through illustrations, animations and other resources, created in Lincolnshire, whilst helping you win business and do business far and wide!

What brought you to Team Systematic?

“The initial thing that stood out to me was the variety of Systematic’s services. I’m always eager to diversify my skillset. At University I was able to develop a range of skills in animation, graphic design, illustration, web and UX/ UI design. The opportunity to apply all of the skills to the benefit of Systematic’s clients is really important to me.”

What inspired you to pursue a creative career?

“For as long as I can remember, I have always loved using my creativity. I was in my element in Media Studies lessons at school, when working on projects like designing a magazine or editing a video, I would get so involved that I would lose track of time! All other subjects seemed boring by comparison! Knowing this was what I enjoyed the most, I went on to study Creative Digital Media at College. I loved every project and always threw myself into it, which was the same with University. I have always been known as the girl who stays behind to finish a project or dabble with new software in my own time.”

Vegan One Stop brand development by Paige.

What sort of project do you enjoy working on the most?

“I definitely enjoy projects that allow me to be flexible with my ideas and creative vision. They give me an opportunity to challenge myself and learn new skills. I am a fan of animation projects because I find it exciting that I can have a visual concept in my mind and digitally bring it to life.”

CulturAR explainer animation by Paige.

What trends should businesses take note of in graphic design at the moment?

“I definitely think less is more. Simple and visually appealing designs are becoming more popular. The digital world is becoming more impressive every day and there is always something new to learn, so staying up to date with digital trends is important. 3D design, augmented reality, vector illustrations and animations can all add value to the way that businesses can communicate.”

The four-legged friends pictured above have been illustrated by Paige.

Tell us your favourite thing to do outside of work…

“When I’m not spending time with family and friends, I am a big fan of hobbies. In fact, I have probably taken on too many for me to upkeep! I am interested in a range of things from digital art, guitar, pot painting, baking and cooking, to musicals, films, social media, and travel! I’ve visited a variety of places around Asia and Europe which is amazing because I love exploring and learning about different cultures. I’m also an animal lover, especially dogs, and I am also a mother of many houseplants.”

If you’d value a few creative ideas from Paige and our Graphic Design Team, we’d be delighted to reach out.

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