Jacqui Vear

Posted on 4th November 2022
by Jacqui Vear

Meet the team – Andrew English

Adding more creative capabilities to our Design Team

In September, we were delighted to welcome Andrew to Team Systematic! Andrew is a Graphic Design graduate from the University of Lincoln, and graduated with First Class Honours no less! We know you are going to benefit from Andrew’s digital design skills and creativity, through graphic design, animations and copywriting that will support you as you win business and do business!

So Andrew, why did you want to join Team Systematic?

“There were several things that attracted me. Systematic puts sustainability at its core, and sustainable design is something that’s important to me. Systematic has a wide range of clients and that means I’d be working on a diverse range of briefs. What also impressed me during the interview process, is that the values of Systematic are woven into the culture rather than being tagged on as an afterthought. Since joining the team I’m pleased to report that I’ve been made to feel so welcome.”

Tell us about your design experience?

“Before studying at Lincoln, I was a Technical Writer at IDBS but I spent much of my time supporting the visual communication needs of the business. This included designing icons and creating animated explainer videos. Studying at Lincoln was part of my professional development but equally for the love of the subject itself. On the course, I developed skills in branding, animation, illustration, 3D, photography and typography. I’m especially interested in using typography to support and enhance the communication of content.”


“For my second interview at Systematic, I created a 30-second video. I was asked to depict myself as a colour, show my superpower and reveal the things that made me who I am. Bringing projects to life through animation is just the sort of brief that I love.”

Here’s a link to Andrew’s animated response to our interview brief.


What designs trends should businesses take note of?

“I’m noticing just how many brands are being activated by animations and motion graphics. We’re bombarded with images from the moment we wake up and animations tend to stand out more from static content. It’s as though we’re hard-wired to notice movement. Animations are extremely portable too, the same animation can be deployed on websites, social media, electronic billboards or at exhibitions. I developed a drink brand in the final year of my studies called Nordic Light and the animation generated greater engagement than more traditional media such as posters. I can’t wait to start working on animations for our clients.”

Here’s a link to a teaser trailer, for the conceptual brand Nordic Light. This project was short-listed in a competition brief set by Brand Opus.

What do you do outside of Systematic?

“I love playing guitar and writing music and I’ve had one of my tracks used on an advert on Sky Extreme Sports, which was a little surreal. I’ve also co-written comedy for Radio 4 which helped me hone my copywriting, which is a key part of branding. I love writing copy that’s engaging and makes audiences think. This fed into university projects such as Feisty where the brand was playful with language because it was being disruptive. This was also a challenging project because I made and photographed the burgers – and food photography is notoriously tricky!”


If you’d value a few creative ideas from Andrew and our Design Team, simply reach out.

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