Jacqui Vear

Posted on 23rd September 2021
by Jacqui Vear

Using automated handwriting to improve marketing returns

How do you respond to post that’s handwritten?

Handwritten mail is opened, read, and responded to. That’s just the result that you’re looking for if you use direct mail… and shhh, automated handwriting is here to help.

Automated handwriting could be seen as a bit of a marketing hack! In other words, you can tap into the positive impact of personal, handwritten letters, without lifting a finger, or pen. Thanks to some very clever technology, your communications are created by automated handwriting, courtesy of robots! They hold an ink pen and use artificial intelligence algorithms to copy the style of a human hand. Most importantly, the results are convincing, neat, and perfectly spelt.

Personal, compelling communications courtesy of automated handwriting

Our automated handwriting service can be applied to letters, addressed envelopes, cards and more. Items are generally posted with a stamp to ensure first impressions are equally authentic and intriguing.

Automated handwriting case study: customer birthday cards

We enable one of our healthcare sector clients to issue automated handwritten birthday cards to their customers. It’s a thoughtful touchpoint on their part, whilst reinforcing their brand and how they care about their contacts.

We produce A5 greeting cards that are printed with our client’s unique artwork. They are printed on 300gsm stock, what you would expect from a quality card. Our client specifically requested that they are sent in coloured envelopes; no problem we said!

A database of names, addresses and birthdays is securely shared on a regular basis. Cards and envelopes are personalised with automated handwriting, a second class stamp is applied and they are issued in small batches. The aim is that the contacts of our client receive their ‘handwritten’ card from Royal Mail 2-3 days prior to their birthday. It’s a rolling project, which our client is invoiced for monthly.

In summary, we’ve developed this unique approach for our client. However, the concept of this project can be replicated from an investment that could start at just £2 net per approach, which accounts for the base stock stationery, automated handwriting personalisation and stamp. This indicative price is based on 1,000 or more cards.

Shall we add automated handwriting into your marketing plans?

In conclusion, we live in a noisy digital age, why not embrace a means of communication that is familiar, friendly and cuts through that noise. Like some ideas? Perfect, reach out and we’ll share prices and samples that will get your automated handwriting direct mail campaign started and sorted in no time!

For more insights into how we’re here to support your direct mail marketing campaigns, click here.

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